Classic 16.0

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		- Remove extra inputs + volume + relays

		- Remove global negative feedback

		- Lower gain: E80CC replace 12AT7, remove cathode caps

		- Hardwire triode mode

		- Remove power tubes grid stoppers

		- Rewire point-to-point, Allen-Bradley + Kiwame

		- K40Y-9 + K42Y-2 coupling capacitors 

		- Aerovox + Black Gate electrolytics

		- Solen + Valab polypropylene

		- FT-3 + K40Y-9 + K75-24 + Siemens PIO bypasses

		- Cree schottky diodes

		- CLC bias supply, Hammond 154M 2H 100mA 175ohm

		- Schallwand TubeCaps CI503, E80CC

		- Herbie's Audio Lab Teflon HAL-O, 6SN7

		- Herbie's Audio Lab Nickel HAL-O, KT66

		- Stillpoints supports

		- Siemens E80CC, Siemens 6SN7WGTA, Gold Lion reissue KT66

Output tubes used

		6CA7	EH, transistor sound, compared with the others 	

		EL34 	SED Winged C, good bass, dynamic, not very musical 

			SIEMENS, good in everything, except looks and price

		KT77 	JJ, nice midrange and body, very unstable

		KT66 	SHUGHUANG, sound more in your face, a bit thin,
			like Yamaha piano

			GOLD LION reissue, more natural timbre, more body, 
			deeper stage, more 3D, Steinway